Strong Like Mom

because I don't want them to be 'fat like mom'

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I drank last night (and the night before)and ate shitty and stayed up late and went to the gym at 8am.
Luckily, I am still semi young enough to avoid hangovers for the most part, but this bitch be dehydrated.
I got a stitch in my side around 1.5miles on the treadmill that felt like someone was shanking me. Walked it out to 2 miles then threw in some leg extensions, seated leg curls, 20 flights on the stair machine, and upright rows just cuz I like my shoulders.

Finished it off with a cinnamon toast protein shake that didn’t taste like protein. WIN!

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My diet is shit.
I need some serious come to jesus moment to turn myself around. This is getting bad.

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Going to try try try to get back into this fitness shit and keep blogging about it. 

I signed up  for a half marathon in February. It’s in October and I can’t run a mile… so there’s that. 
I’m not quite sure what the actual fuck I’m going to do, but I need to do my best to at least improve where I’m at and finish this beast. 
I’ve not been gymming. I went on vacation, then boss went on vacation, then boss had surgery, then boss has physical therapy and I’m picking up all the slack at work. With school starting and all that nonsense, I’ve not even been working out at home. 
I’m staring at an elliptical as I type this while sitting on my large flat ass. 

I’m unhappy. I need to change my life. 

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i have a secret dream to one day unapologetically punch someone hard in the face.

and have it HURT because I also have nightmares about punching people in the face and they don’t even feel it. 

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